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      Organizer: GuangdongMuseum of Art

      Director: Wang Huangsheng

      Guangdong Museum of Art is a major cultural establishment in the province and the largest of its kind in China. Equipped with all the necessary modern facilities, this museum, like the best art museums in advanced countries, is a place where works of art are preserved studied and displayed. It also performs the functions of education, service and exchange. With a total area of 20,000 square meters and a display area of over 8,000 square meters, this museum consists of twelve exhibition halls, in which large scale exhibitions and smaller ones of different themes can be held. The 300-seat multifunctional hall with modernized 4-channel simultaneous interpretation facilities is an ideal place for holding international academic conferences and showing movies and videos. In addition, there are special areas devoted to education and various kinds of service. Guangdong Museum of Art still adds GuangzhouBaiyunTimesMuseum and GuangdongDongguanMuseum. They are member of GDMOA. The area of TimesMuseum is 1500 square meters and the area of DongguanMuseum is 3000 square meters.



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