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    The opening of the 2 nd Guangzhou Triennial


    Please See
    D-Lab 4 Public presentations (2)/2005.11.5

    D-Lab 4 Public presentations (2)
    Nov. 5 2005 Saturday
    Expert Club of Guangdong Museum of Art

    Please See



    (D- LAB) HK

    Trading Places:Cultural Imaginaries of the Pearl River Delta

    A Hong Kong Programme of the 2nd Guangzhou Triennial
    Organised by the ArtSchool of the HongKong Arts Centre
    with the support of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council
    Co-presented with Asia Art Archive (HK) and Guangdong Museum of Art (GZ)

    21 November 2005    10am -6pm  
    Agnes b. CINEMA!HongKong Arts Centre
    Admission FREE    

    Seat limited, please call for reservation: 2582 0220

    For full symposium information, please see:http://artschool.hkac.org.hk



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